Young people

Last published 2 August 2021

Feeling anxious? Stressed out? Not sleeping properly? As you grow up, you experience physical changes and various pressures, such as exams and bullying, that can have an impact on your mental health. On top of that, you might be struggling with how COVID-19 has changed your life.

Good Thinking is here to help boost your mental wellbeing. Working closely with organisations like Partnership for Young London, we invite young people to guide and review our content – so you can be sure we’ll help with the issues that really matter to you.

In 2021, we’re giving you even more digital resources, including some fantastic free wellbeing apps and top tips to help you get through the tough times. We hope you find Good Thinking useful – if so, please tell your friends about us too.

If you feel extremely distressed and worried that you might not be able to keep yourself safe, please reach out for help. In this article, you’ll find details of NHS 24/7 helplines and other support organisations.

We’ve searched high and low for the best apps to support your mental wellbeing – and the good news is, they’re free for young Londoners! Check them out here.

We're also asking young Londoners for their feedback on these apps. You can find reviews of the Feeling Good and Feeling Good Teens apps here

During the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Good Thinking teamed up with Partnership for Young London and TikTok to find out how young Londoners were coping. You can read all about it here, and watch this video to find out what they said...

We would like to ask if you would tell us, anonymously, in which London Borough you live, work or study.

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