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Q&A: Eating disorders

Good Thinking answers some of the questions about eating disorders that young people might have and provides links for further support.

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Anyone can develop an eating disorder at any age and for many different reasons. For some young people, it’s a way of coping with stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns. For others, it’s because they are worried about the way they look.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food that is starting to take over your life and is making you ill, it’s important that you get help as soon as you can. In this article, the Good Thinking team answers some of the questions you might have and directs you to support organisations, such as Beat. 

If you’d like support to help boost your mental wellbeing in general, please visit our Young People section. 

“Living with any eating disorder is difficult, exhausting and painful.” James
“... what I found the hardest was the constant lying – the guilt I felt every time I tried to conceal secretive behaviour from my family, my friends and myself.” Emma

The quotes above were taken with kind permission from blogs on the Beat website.

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