Last reviewed on 23 February 2022

We recognise that everyone's path to good mental health is different – that's why we offer a range of resources on Good Thinking, from apps and 'How to' guides to podcasts and videos. If you think you might benefit from a more in-depth approach, we've also developed two workbooks that contain expert advice, exercises you can do at home and checklists you can use. They require a little more time commitment but we hope you find them useful.

Coping with trauma for better mental health

Trauma expert Caroline Harrison provides a series of techniques that are helpful if you have experienced something traumatic in your life.

Getting better sleep

This six-module programme by sleep expert Majella Cogan will help you to understand your sleep problems and improve your sleep quality.

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

The nine-module workbook, information sheets and worksheets which will help you better understand and improve your self-esteem.

More Workbooks


These four information sheets contain facts about sleep and insomnia as well as advice about sleep hygiene.

We’ve also gathered a range of evidence-based information sheets and workbooks on mental wellbeing by the renowned Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI). You can view, download and share this content and go through it in your own time.


This workbook has 10 modules and covers everything from negative beliefs through to problem solving, helpful thinking and self-management.

Health anxiety

With nine modules, this workbook helps those who worry excessively about their health and provides advice on healthy living and self-management.


As well as an introduction to depression, this workbook features nine modules by Back from the Bluez, which include behavioural strategies and core beliefs.


With seven modules, this workbook explains how to introduce self-compassionate thinking and behaviours into your life.


These three information sheets cover the benefits of mindfulness and provide guidance on how to become mindful.


Featuring 12 modules, this workbook covers everything from unhelpful thinking styles through to breathing and self-management.

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