MyCognition Pro

MyCognition Pro

An NHS-accredited cognitive fitness programme that when used 15 minutes per day optimises your cognitive health so that you can get better at focusing, memorising, strategising and making accurate decisions faster.

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Do you…

  • Feel your life is out of control; no direction, full of stress and anxiety?
  • Feel foggy and forgetful, unable to remember people, places and events?
  • Have problems making decisions; even simple things?
  • Lack focus; wander off in all directions?

By strengthening cognitive fitness you can help build your mental resilience, manage your stress and be more successful in managing and enjoying your life.

MyCognition PRO is an easy to use NHS-approved suite of mobile applications that monitors and strengthens your cognition to help you perform at your best: 

  • A 15 minutes cognitive assessment, MyCQ
  • A confidential and secure reports of your cognitive profile
  • Personalised training game, AquaSnap, tailored to your needs
  • Healthy habit builder for sustained health
  • MyCQ can be retaken to monitor your progress over time

MyCognition mobile screens

What people say...

“MyCognition’s approach is a true differentiator in the field…  the most comprehensive… offers a “sticky” solution… excelling in AquaSnap… the greatest potential for improvement"

Catherine May, Strategist at International Futures

“A good candidate for both clinical and community studies”

International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research


  • Personalised to your needs
  • For people of all ages and any health stateApproved by NHS, CE-marked; Class 1A medical device
  • Builds mental resilience
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and other symptoms 
  • Monitor and strengthen cognition on your own device


  • You need to train for at least 15 minutes per day
  • Significant improvements are reported after 8 weeks of use
  • Requires users to make an account