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Latest adviceHow to use

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LAST PUBLISHED 2 December 2021

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An app that trains your cognitive health to ensure it remains at its optimum.

What is MyCognition Pro?

This app is FREE to Londoners here on Good Thinking.

Do you…

  • Want to keep control over your life and fulfil your goals without stress and anxiety?
  • Want to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Want to keep your mind and calm?
  • Want to be effective in making decisions in your daily life?

Start your journey now with MyCognitionPRO:

  • A 15 minutes cognitive assessment, MyCQ
  • A confidential and secure report of your cognitive profile
  • Personalised training game, AquaSnap, tailored to your needs
  • Healthy habit builder for sustained health
  • MyCQ can be retaken to monitor your progress over time

It’s an easy to use application you can use on any smart iOS or android device.

What people say...

“MyCognition’s approach is a true differentiator in the field… the most comprehensive… offers a “sticky” solution… excelling in AquaSnap… the greatest potential for improvement" Catherine May, Strategist at International Futures

“A good candidate for both clinical and community studies” International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research

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  • Builds mental resilience

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Significant improvements after 8 weeks of use


  • You need to train for at least 15 minutes per day

  • Requires users to make an account

My Cognition app logo

An app that trains your cognitive health to ensure it remains at its optimum.

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