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LAST REVIEWED 2 February 2023

Good Thinking x Great Mental Health Day 2023

Good Thinking marks Great Mental Health Day 2023 by launching two new quick guides to help Londoners support friends, family, colleagues and others who might be struggling with their mental wellbeing.

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Last Friday, we joined Thrive LDN and many other organisations across London to celebrate Great Mental Health Day 2023 (#GreatMentalHealth). Thousands of Londoners came together in person and online to talk about mental health and highlight the support services available. 

It was such a positive day in these tough times and we now have one simple wish – that everyone continues to prioritise their own wellbeing this year and supports the people around them. 

Good Thinking webinar highlights the power of community kindness

“It’s in the darker days that our friends, families, local communities, colleagues and workmates really help us to pull through.” Jemma Gilbert OBE, Transformation Partners in Health and Care

On Great Mental Health Day, the Good Thinking team held a webinar to launch the first in a series of short guides that help Londoners support friends, family, colleagues and others who might be struggling with their mental health. 

Our panel of experts (Jemma Gilbert OBE, Director of Transformation at Transformation Partners in Health and Care, Natasha Cutler, Project Lead at Thrive LDN and Yemisi Osibote, Head of Workforce - Staff Experience at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust) discussed the importance of looking out for other people and helping them deal with stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns. 

Following Jemma’s introduction about Great Mental Health Day and Good Thinking, Natasha introduced Thrive LDN’s conversation starter resource (SIGNSS) and Yemisi provided insights into Royal Free London’s focus on employee wellbeing. Webinar attendees also got involved, putting live questions to the speakers and taking part in two polls.

New guides from Good Thinking help you to look out for others

“Simply giving someone space to talk and listening to how they are feeling can be really helpful.” Natasha Cutler, Thrive LDN

We’ve developed two new Good Thinking guides as we know it can be difficult to spot the signs of mental ill health in someone else and start a conversation about it. 

Mental health issues are often stigmatised so many people feel uncomfortable discussing how they feel and may be worried that they will be judged for talking about their concerns. Indeed, an online poll during last week’s webinar revealed that the biggest barriers to talking about mental health are the fear of being judged and not knowing what to say.

Good Thinking are here to support you with checking in on those you care about.

Download the guides now:

Each guide suggests three simple steps to help you check in with other people regularly and see how they are:

  • Step 1: Spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health in someone else
  • Step 2: Check in and let them know you care
  • Step 3: Help them to get the support they need, including professional help

We’ll be launching the next two guides (one for children and young people and one for parents and carers) very soon so watch this space!

Thousands of Londoners support Great Mental Health Day

“It’s really important to allow people to share their pain and to listen non-judgmentally.” Yemisi Osibote, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

It was great to see so many events taking place last week to celebrate Great Mental Health Day. To give you a flavour of what happened across London…

  • Speaker Box Street Party brought local residents together at Waltham Forest Town Hall to boost their mental health through music and dance. 
  • Haringey Council and local partners hosted a variety of events, including a craft afternoon, a ‘Sit and Stretch’ session and a parent health fete.
  • Thrive LDN hosted two Ikebana art workshops and a Radically Caring Pause workshop online.

Good Thinking is here for you every day

Remember that Good Thinking is not only here to support you and your loved ones on Great Mental Health Day – we’re here 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hands holding a tablet showing a Good Thinking page
Hands holding a tablet showing a Good Thinking page

Resources highlighted at the webinar

Good Thinking resources

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