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Good Thinking has worked with members of London’s Sikh community to create mental wellbeing resources that align with Sikh beliefs and teachings.

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“Sing, listen and let your mind be filled with love. Your pain shall be sent far away and peace shall come to your home" Sr Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 1

With the support of the Sikh Council, Basics of Sikhi, Sikh Your Mind, Journey of Compassion and Taraki, Good Thinking has produced a range of guides and videos to help members of London’s Sikh community boost their wellbeing and cope with losing a loved one. 

Video messages from the Sikh community

Once you’ve read Good Thinking’s ‘Five ways to good mental wellbeing & Sikhi’ guide, you might like to watch our short videos that contain inspiring messages from a member of London’s Sikh community.

Bhai BaljitSingh, a Pracharak (Sikh Educator), on how anxiety is spoken about in the Sikh Way of Life

Bhai BaljitSingh, a Pracharak (Sikh Educator), on the importance of mindfulness

Bhai BaljitSingh, a Pracharak (Sikh Educator), on wellbeing within the Sikh faith

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Good Thinking provides a range of resources to help Londoners improve their mental wellbeing.

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