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Last published 11 June 2021

Good Thinking recommends NHS-approved apps to help reduce your anxiety, get better sleep, lower your stress and boost your mood. Our most popular apps include:

Be Mindful

Be Mindful logo.PNG

A clinically proven online mindfulness course approved by the NHS, Be Mindful helps you to manage stress, anxiety and depression through mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

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Feeling Good

Feeling Good Teens

Feeling Good offers Positive Mental Training audio programmes that boost your resilience and mood. The app is based on a Swedish Olympic sports performance programme.

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Meditainment uses established guided meditation and visualisation techniques, leading you on imaginative journeys to dreamlike destinations to explore and reflect on a range of wellbeing topics.

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MyCognitionPRO logo.png

By using this NHS-approved programme for 15 minutes a day, you can optimise your cognitive health, mental wellbeing and resilience to stress.

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My Possible Self

My Possible Self small.png

This clinically proven app can help you to understand and identify the causes of stress, anxiety and low mood so you can learn coping mechanisms and manage future situations better.

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Tomo New.PNG

tomo is expertly designed to support you with many of life's obstacles, including social anxiety and poor sleep. The app combines digital peer support with the best of social media and proven therapeutic techniques.

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