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How to deal with uncertainty

We’re living in uncertain times and this might be having an impact on your mental health. Good Thinking is here to help reduce anxiety and stress.

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Life is always uncertain but, with the cost of living crisis, the war in Ukraine and so many other global challenges, you might be particularly worried about the unknowns right now. In fact, you might be feeling frightened, angry or experiencing other strong emotions. 

Good Thinking is here to help Londoners improve their mental wellbeing. We know that uncertainty can lead to anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns so, in this article, we provide some techniques to help you adapt to what might happen next.

1. Remember that there are always uncertainties

Think back to previous experiences and how you dealt with them. Did you predict that something bad would happen just because you were uncertain? What did you do to get through the situation? Did worrying about the worst-case scenario change the outcome? Recognising the need for certainty and predictability means you can do something about it. You can then pause and try to let go of it. Try using this technique: 1) Recognise, 2) Pause, 3) Let go, 4) Repeat to help keep your worries in check.

2. Focus on what's in your control

We all have much more control over what we do than how we feel. While you can’t control things like how the UK Government responds to a particular issue, you can take action yourself. For example, if you’re worried about paying your household bills this winter, contact your energy provider or a charity, such as Debt Free London. Completing these kinds of activities will help to give you a sense of achievement and some peace of mind.

3. Be present in the moment

If your mind keeps wandering back to the uncertainty of the coming weeks and months and you’re experiencing a spiral of ‘What if...?’ questions, you could try some breathing, mindfulness or meditation techniques. Check out the Be Mindful app and our podcast about mindfulness.

In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to do everything you can to stay mentally healthy. Here are a few more tips from the Good Thinking team to help you boost your wellbeing.

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