Faith and belief communities

Last reviewed 8 November 2021

Londoners have told Good Thinking that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to their health – they want information and support that reflects how they live and what their values are.

So, we have been working with a diverse range of faith and belief communities across London to provide tailored wellbeing content and support. This includes collaborating with local councils, CCGs, charities and other organisations.

In this section, you’ll find guides, videos and podcasts for specific faith and belief communities – it’s work in progress and we’ll be adding lots more content over the next few months. You might also find other Good Thinking resources, such as our self-assessment tool, free apps and COVID-19 advice hub, helpful.

Everyone’s mental health is different – we’re here to help you find your own path to improve your wellbeing. If the advice and support on the Good Thinking service doesn’t seem helpful for you, please talk to your GP about other options.

Content for Christianity and Sikhism coming soon.

We would like to ask if you would tell us, anonymously, in which London Borough you live, work or study.

This information will help us develop more personalised support for Londoners, and improve our service to all users. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.