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Last published 18 August 2021

Londoners have told Good Thinking that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to their health – they want information and support that reflects how they live and what their values are.

So, we have been working with a diverse range of faith and belief communities across London to provide tailored wellbeing content and support. This includes collaborating with local councils, CCGs, charities and other organisations.

In this section, you’ll find guides, videos and podcasts for specific faith and belief communities – it’s work in progress and we’ll be adding lots more content over the next few months. You might also find other Good Thinking resources, such as our self-assessment tool, free apps and COVID-19 advice hub, helpful.

Everyone’s mental health is different – we’re here to help you find your own path to improve your wellbeing. If the advice and support on the Good Thinking service doesn’t seem helpful for you, please talk to your GP about other options.

‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest’ [Quran 13:28]


The NHS recommends five ways to help improve your mental health and wellbeing. These are also things which are encouraged in Islamic teachings.

The Five ways to good mental wellbeing & Islam have been designed in collaboration with members of London’s Muslim communities, NEL CCG and Newham Council.

Good Thinking has also worked with London’s Muslim communities to create a series of videos:

Other Good Thinking resources that you might find helpful include:

We also recommend the following websites and resources:

בָּעֶרֶב, יָלִין בֶּכִי; לַבֹּקֶר רִנָּה

‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning’ (Psalm 30:6)

Judaism Cover.png

Practising each of the five ways to wellbeing every day can have a very positive impact on your mood and wellbeing. These are also things which are encouraged in the Jewish tradition.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing & Judaism has been designed in collaboration with Jami, in consultation with Rabbi Miriam Berger and Rabbi Daniel Epstein, with the support of The London Jewish Forum, Maccabi GB and the London Borough of Barnet.

You can read the full leaflet here

Good Thinking has also worked with London’s Jewish community to create a series of videos:

Other Good Thinking Resources

You might also find these resources helpful:

Dealing with anxiety: Travis’s story (blog)

The Speakers Collective – Jonny Benjamin (video)

Free NHS-approved wellbeing apps

Self-assessment (sleep, anxiety, low mood, stress, general wellbeing)

Urgent support

Where you can find support within the Jewish Community

If you are looking for additional support, the following websites and resources may be helpful:

  • Jami - Jami has a wealth of mental health resources and support, including: online support, carer and family support, community hubs, education and training
  • Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service – A bereavement focussed Jewish counselling service
  • Jewish Care – Jewish Care run two residential services for people with mental health needs
  • GIFT – GIFT run five main services, including a food bank and help in the home. You can access support services through their website or sign up to be a volunteer.
  • Jewish Women’s Aid – Support for Jewish women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence
  • Norwood – Norwood provides support for vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and people with learning disabilities and autism

Looking to help spread the word about Good Thinking and our Judaism resources for Londoners in your organisation? Simply download the free resources for our campaign below!

5 ways to wellbeing and Judaism toolkit

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