There’s an app for that... Feeling Good

Last reviewed on 30 July 2021

From gaming to socialising, ordering food to watching movies, you probably use apps for lots of things. So why not use them to help you look after your mental health too?

There are around 20,000 mental health apps available on the app stores, which might be quite overwhelming. To help you, we’ve identified some of the best ones for young people. We’re delighted that Good Thinking users can get free access to these NHS-approved apps.

Our recommended apps include the Apart of Me bereavement app, the Clear Fear app that helps to reduce anxiety and the positive mental training apps Feeling Good and Feeling Good Teens. You can find a full list of recommended apps for under-18s in our young people section.

We recently asked our Good Thinking Digital Health Ambassadors at Partnership for Young London to take a closer look at the Feeling Good app and its standalone version for young people, Feeling Good Teens. Based on a Swedish Olympic sports performance programme, the apps offer Positive Mental Training audio programmes that can help you to build mental resilience, confidence and coping mechanisms.


Why use Feeling Good?

Increase wellbeing and positive mindset

Sleep better and worry less

Reduce depression and stress

See problems as challenges

Increase vitality and self-esteem


15-year-old Paige said, “It helped me to understand certain emotions that I was experiencing and how to combat the negative feelings. I would recommend it to anyone suffering with poor mental health and may be hesitant to seek professional help. This app would give them the confidence to reach out and potentially calm negative thoughts as answered are provided.”

Jakob, aged 17, added, “I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of categories available for helping you, such as ‘confidence boost’ or ‘sleep better’. There was even a playlist for ‘stop smoking’ and even though of course it may not be 100% effective, it could be used alongside smoking cessation advice from GPs or specialist services to stop smoking.”

And 18-year-old Salem noted, “The Feeling Good app is an extremely useful app that I’d recommend for anyone and everyone. Through exploring it, I found that it guides one in making peace with the all-consuming worries and struggles that exist in life, by immersing the user in its relaxing and calming world. It helped to put me at ease and it leaves you, as the title says, feeling good.”

Everyone’s mental health is different and everyone has to find their own path when it comes to getting support. We hope that Feeling Good or another of the free NHS-approved apps on Good Thinking can help you. We also provide advice on a range of issues and links to support organisations in our young people section.

Find out more in our podcast and webinar with Dr Alastair Dobbin of Feeling Good or simply download the apps now.

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