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LAST PUBLISHED 5 September 2022

The Good Thinking Guide to Mental Health Apps - Feeling Good

The Good Thinking Guide to Mental Health Apps - Feeling Good

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Alastair Dobbin, a Scottish GP and Sheila Ross, psychotherapist, talked about the Feeling Good Apps they created which you can access via the links below.

Feeling Good app (18+)

Feeling Good app (under 18s)

An NHS digital accredited app, Feeling Good: positive mindset App is a relaxation-based audio programme that applies Olympic sports coaching techniques to improve sleep, resilience and wellbeing through reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

It contains the evidence-based, proven, audio programme Feeling Good for Life, a series of 12 audio tracks to help you build essential lasting skills, not only to deal with mental stresses and strains but to experience more positive emotions, bounce back more quickly and become mentally stronger and more resilient.

It can also help with physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches, irritable bowel, fatigue, and chronic pain. Listening can improve your ability to focus on a task, feel positive about yourself, and perform at your best when you need to. There are other modules on the app, all contain the same beginning tracks from Feeling Good for Life.

For a younger audience, the Feeling Good Teens App applies the same principles as the adult app but adapted for 10 – 15 yrs, teaching life skills for mental calm, clarity, focus and motivation. The Feeling Good for Teens App, has been used in schools over the last 2 years as part of the Feeling Good for Schools programme.

This 1-hour webinar consisted of a short presentation, with practical tips, followed by open Q & As.

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