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Latest adviceHow to use

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LAST PUBLISHED 28 November 2022

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Feeling Good offers audio tracks that train your mind to be more relaxed, more focused and more able to bounce forward from challenges to find positives.

What is Feeling Good?

The Feeling Good app contains the audio programme Feeling Good for Life which has been used in the NHS for over 12 years and is scientifically proven to help recovery from stress, anxiety and depression.

It works through a process of firstly learning to let go of your negative self-talk, which happens when you relax your body and mind, and then connecting to positive feelings. It is very easy to use - just listen for 15 mins/day. Most people say they quickly begin to feel better and it also helps improve sleep.

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How could it help me?

The audio tracks in Feeling Good help you to build essential skills – not only to deal with mental stresses and strains but to bounce forwards and become mentally stronger and more resilient.

The programmes combine deep relaxation with Olympic sports techniques that calm your mind and body and lift your mood, helping you to feel more positive, let go of worries, sleep better and deal with stress more easily. You can listen as much or as little as you like - listen to suit yourself.

Who is it for?

The Feeling Good app is used by all types of people - whether patients, staff or self-referred.

In order to make the app more inclusive, it is available in a variety of languages including English, Polish and Ukrainian as well as Punjabi and Japanese upon special request.

We are currently looking for testers for both the Punjabi and Japanese languages in order to ensure that the tracks are accurate and culturally appropriate within these communities. If you would like to help out, please email hello@feelinggood.app.

What do people say about it?

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Where can I get it?

Good Thinking users can access additional tracks on the Feeling Good app for free. Use the referral code below or scan the QR code to automatically download the app:

Username: metrofeel22

Password: positive

QR code to download free Feeling Good app

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  • Easy to use audio tracks - no need to do lots of reading and homework

  • It's anonymous - no email address or card details to enter

  • Choose a track to suit your mood or follow the recommended programme

  • Trusted by the NHS, proven by science

  • Learn life skills to help you lift your mood and recover from stress, anxiety, and depression and be resilient

  • Uses Olympic sports psychology techniques - but you don't need to be an athlete to use it!

  • Once listened to once, the tracks can be listened to offline


  • The more you listen, the more benefit you will get

  • Feeling Good is not recommended for those with a serious mental health condition (e.g. schizophrenia or bipolar depression) unless under medical supervision

Feeling Good app logo

Feeling Good offers audio tracks that train your mind to be more relaxed, more focused and more able to bounce forward from challenges to find positives.

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