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LAST REVIEWED 22 November 2022

A new-look Good Thinking – created by Londoners for Londoners

More than 690,000 people have already benefited from Good Thinking’s on-demand and round-the-clock mental health support – why not check out our new-look service to see how we can help you on your path to good mental wellbeing?

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People across London have told Good Thinking there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to their mental health. They want information and support that reflects who they are and the challenges they face and that they can access whenever and wherever they need it.

Today, we are proud to introduce an enhanced version of the Good Thinking service so that we can continue to deliver what Londoners need, especially as everyone deals with the stresses of the cost of living this winter. Our new website has:

  • A new look and feel, including a calmer colour palette
  • Improved accessibility and user experience, making it easier for you to find the help you need
  • A continued focus on promoting positive self-care for Londoners and providing resources you can trust to help reduce anxiety, lower stress, boost mood and improve sleep

Five years on from the launch of Good Thinking, we continue to put user insights at the heart of our service and work closely with faith communities, youth groups and other organisations across London to co-create tailored content. Our most recent user survey revealed that people use Good Thinking regularly – two in five respondents said they use it at least every few weeks and a quarter visit at least weekly – so we want to build on this momentum and continue to support Londoners with timely and relevant advice.

As Jemma Gilbert OBE, Director of Transformation, Healthy London Partnership, says, “We know that many people will be suffering at this time. We want to make as much support available as possible by relaunching the Good Thinking website with all the same great resources but with improved navigation so that, if you are time pressured, you can quickly surface the resources that will most help you.”

What’s new on Good Thinking?

  • Easier user journey – find the help and tools you need more quickly. Navigate to Good Thinking’s resources by mental health condition, audience and type of resource, or get personalised advice by using our self-assessment tool.
  • New ‘Latest Advice’ section – stay up to date with Good Thinking’s latest news and articles as well as guest blogs from mental health experts and Londoners.
  • Warmer and more calming colours – we’ve refreshed our brand colour palette to make the Good Thinking website more calm and welcoming and to appeal to Londoners of all backgrounds and ages.
  • Accessibility improvements – we’ve followed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that Good Thinking is more accessible for people with different abilities and access needs. 
  • Interactive features – Good Thinking users can now interact with our content more easily, thanks to page ‘like’ buttons and social media sharing buttons.
  • Content updates – based on our own research and listening to communities across London, we regularly review Good Thinking’s advice to reflect the current mental health challenges that Londoners are facing and to respond directly to their support needs.

Why is Good Thinking more important than ever?

  • One in four adults in the UK experience mental ill health (NHS).
  • Around a third of adults and young people say their mental health got much worse during the COVID-19 pandemic (Mind).
  • One in six children aged five to 16 have a probable mental health problem – that’s five children in every classroom (YoungMinds).
  • Almost a fifth of Londoners (19%) are struggling financially in 2022 (Greater London Authority).
  • Demand for mental health services is rising – there were a record 4.3 million referrals in England during 2021 (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

What do our users think of Good Thinking?

“It’s a really good website and for people who are a bit reluctant to speak to people, it's very good to turn to, like the advice in there really did help me, especially with the sleep so it's something I am thankful for.” Good Thinking survey respondent, Spring 2022

“I love the part about faith and belief communities… it's amazing because I didn’t find anything like that on other websites, it is very inclusive, very sensitive.” Good Thinking survey respondent, Spring 2022

“I'd definitely recommend it as a place with useful tips for people like those moving to university, going through bereavement, children.” Good Thinking survey respondent, Spring 2022

What do London mental health experts say about Good Thinking?

Find out more about Good Thinking

Join us at our virtual event

On Thursday 17 November from 11:00-12:00, Good Thinking is bringing together leaders and experts from across London to discuss how we can support London's mental health over winter.

Good Thinking webinar 17 Nov 2022 poster
Good Thinking webinar 17 Nov 2022 poster
How to use Good Thinking

Read our quick guide to find out what resources are available on Good Thinking and how to use them to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Tablet showing the Good Thinking home page
Tablet showing the Good Thinking home page

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