‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest’ [Quran 13:28]

The NHS recommends five ways to help improve your mental health and wellbeing. These are also things which are encouraged in Islamic teachings.


The Five ways to good mental wellbeing & Islam have been designed in collaboration with members of London’s Muslim communities, NEL CCG and Newham Council.

Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, Cabinet Lead for Health & Adult Social Care, talks about the importance of finding support

Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, on the five ways to wellbeing & Islam

Imam Yunus Dudhwala, Head of Chaplaincy to Barts Health NHS Trust, on connecting with Allah and with people

Zuzana Khan, Lead Practice Nurse at Vicarage Lane Health Centre, on being physically active

Remona Aly, Broadcaster and Journalist, on learning something new every day

Dr Shahzada Khan, GP and Diabetes Clinical Lead for NHS Newham CCG, on giving to others

Imam Hassan Abdullahi, NHS chaplain at UCLH, on paying attention to the present moment

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Five ways to good mental wellbeing & Islam printable leaflet

There can be misconceptions about mental health. We have fact checked four common misconceptions about mental health that may be held by Muslims, which you can read here.

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