About Good Thinking

Good Thinking launched in November 2017. It is designed for anyone living or working in London. So far almost half a million Londoners have used Good Thinking to tackle sleep, anxiety, stress and depression. It’s free for Londoners thanks to London’s NHS, London’s borough councils and Public Health England. It is delivered by Healthy London Partnership.

Are you working in London’s NHS and public sector organisations? Talk to your Wellbeing Lead about adopting Good Thinking as part of your organisation’s Wellbeing Programme. It’s free and can support individuals in managing their own mental health and building resilience so they can perform at their best. Visit Healthy London Partnership's website to download the communications kit. 

Over 120 online resources are signposted to through Good Thinking, including wellbeing information sources; guides to improving mental health; courses on and offline; mobile apps and other therapy approaches suitable for London’s modern, highly-mobile population.

Our Mobile Health is independently assessing the apps and services featured on this site, and DrLink have provided a bespoke self-assessment tool for Good Thinking users to learn more about their health and wellbeing.

Good Thinking ambition

Good Thinking’s ambition is to improve the mental wellbeing of Londoners. Good Thinking can help you find mental wellbeing apps and resources that are the best for you.

How Good Thinking works

We want you to find mental wellbeing apps and resources that are the best for you.

We do this by breaking things down into the 4 most common mental wellbeing areas.

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low mood
  • Sleep

We then will ask you 3 simple questions. Once you’ve answered our algorithm does the rest and in seconds, you’ll have your top 4 resources and apps picked for you.

Your top 4 picks are tailored just for you and based on your answers to the questions we think these will be most helpful to you. If you’re unsure about any of the suggestions, you can select ‘show me something else’.

Once you’ve found a resource you like you can click ‘tell me more’ and you’ll be taken to that resources landing page where you can learn all about the resource the structure and how to use it.

Most of our resources and apps we are able to offer for free.

Good Thinking is available to you 24/7 on any device and is completely anonymous.

If you need urgent support click here

Finding resources is simple – just browse topics on the homepage to find useful apps, websites and services that could help you feel better. Resources can be sorted by relevance and popularity, and personalised to suit your individual needs.

For advice about how to connect safely with others on this and any other service, read Mind’s guide to staying safe online.