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My Possible Self

My Possible Self

The app helps you to understand and identify the causes of your mood in order to help you manage future situations better.

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On My Possible Self, you can take an assessment which will identify areas of your life that you may need additional help with. For example: feeling overloaded, struggling to communicate or high levels of anxiety. The app will suggest modules and activities to help you tackle these areas. 

On the free version, you can take a “Building Happiness & Wellbeing” module in order to identify the places, people or situations that may be contributing to anxious feelings. The paid version lets you take a wider range of modules with themes of: communication, stress, dealing with loss and tackling unhelpful thinking. On this version you can track parts of your lifestyle in order to notice triggers to your moods and behaviours. 

The app lets you document "moments" in your life and attach an emoji's to them. You can also use the app to read blog posts surrounding mental health which cover personal stories and self-help articles.  

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  • Free version
  • Evidence-based
  • Track your progress
  • Document your thoughts and emotions throughout the day


  • £5.99/month or £59.99/year
  • The modules work best when taken over a couple of weeks in order for you to practice skills and reflect on your tendencies