Be Mindful

Be Mindful

Last published 3 November 2020

Be Mindful is a unique, clinically proven and NHS-approved online mindfulness course. It helps people achieve lasting reductions in their levels of stress, anxiety and depression through learning to practice mindfulness techniques in daily life.

Be Mindful also helps people maintain and enhance their general wellbeing for a more wakeful, healthier, happier life. Leading mindfulness teachers guide and support you on this flexible, on-demand course, which you complete at a speed you’re comfortable with.

Meet your mindfulness trainers, Ed and Tessa who’ll introduce you to the course.

Confidential self-assessment tools chart your progress and reductions in stress, depression and anxiety as you learn and practice mindfulness assignments. Be Mindful is the only digital Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course and it’s significant and lasting results are proven in numerous clinical and academic research studies.

“I have found the course to be extremely helpful, comforting and liberating. My stress, anxiety and depression levels have halved by the end of it and I am determined to continue that trend by practicing the things that worked for me.”
Course Completer, Feb 2020


  • NHS-approved flexible online course, accessible via phone, tablet or PC
  • Significant and lasting reductions in stress, anxiety and depression
  • Proven effective by clinical research studies and high satisfaction ratings
  • Assess /  monitor your levels of stress, depression and anxiety along the course
  • Mindfulness skills that last a lifetime


  • Committing to regular practice will give you the best results

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