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Great Mental Health Day 2023: How will you celebrate the power of community kindness?

Great Mental Health Day 2023: How will you celebrate the power of community kindness?

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How does the new year make you feel – full of excitement and optimism or worried about what the next 12 months might hold? January is always a challenging time and, with the cost of living pressures, it’s more important than ever that we look out for our friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and other people we know.

One way you can help your community is by getting involved with Great Mental Health Day 2023 (#GreatMentalHealth) on Friday 27 January. Facilitated by Good Thinking and Thrive LDN, this awareness day aims to get Londoners talking about mental health, take the stigma out of asking for help and highlight the many support services available.

Last year, thousands of Londoners came together on Great Mental Health Day. As one 2022 participant commented, “It made us stop and remember to look after each other”. This year, we’d love even more people to take part and we’re encouraging community groups, employers and other organisations across London to get involved. 

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the power of community kindness and support Londoners’ mental health and wellbeing on Great Mental Health Day 2023.

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Thank you in advance for supporting Great Mental Health Day 2023! We look forward to hearing about your activities and how you’re celebrating the power of community kindness in your local area.

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