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Podcasts: Mental Health and debt - CAP is here to help

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Mental Health and debt with Jon Taylor - Sadie

Podcast with Jon Taylor and Sadie - Christians Against Poverty

When you are struggling with debt it is overwhelming; every letter fills you with dread. But you can turn that around. In this podcast Jon Taylor, Debt Centre Manager at Christians Against Poverty, and his client Sadie share how, with support Sadie overcame her debt problems, and can now enjoy life again.

Podcast with Mathew Radbourne and Rachel Gregory - Christians Against Poverty

Many people struggling with their finances feel ashamed, even when the reasons for that situation are not in their control. Shame can be a powerful obstacle to reaching out for support. In this podcast. Mathew Radbourne, Senior Debt Advisor and Rachel Gregory, Senior Policy Manager at Christians Against Poverty share how much support is available, if you can fight the feelings of shame, and talk to someone who can really help. A leap of courage, can reduce so much suffering, and lead to a much better future.

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