Last published 30 July 2020

A website where you can measure, track and share your mood with a network of empathetic users.

Moodscope aims to give you an increased awareness of your mood. By measuring your mood each day, you'll gain an understanding of your baseline mood and how your mood is affected by external triggers.   

Each day you can complete an interactive mood test including 20 different aspects of your mood. Your overall mood score is plotted on a graph for you. You can choose someone close to you to receive emails with your daily score. 

Daily emails also keep you in touch with the wider Moodscope community. You can read honest experiences of people who may be feeling similarly to yourself or you can share some of your own thoughts on the blog. By sharing your mood, you can gain social connections by receiving empathy, advice and support. These social connections can have a positive impact on your mood.  

On the premium version you have access to visual models of your mood through coloured charts or word clouds. Word clouds are a useful way of finding out which words have emerged as being most associated with your recent highs and lows.  For instance, if you have been using the word "friends" within a lot of your mood explanations on your high-scoring days, then it may be that hanging out with friends has a big influence on your mood. 

Please note that Good Thinking cannot be held responsible for the security of data that you share outside of this website.


  • Free
  • You can join a network of empathetic people 
  • Gain an increased awareness of your mood
  • Daily email reminders keep you on track
  • The optional buddy scheme can let others know how you are doing each day


  • Premium: £5.99/month, or £4.99/month (yearly)

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