Last published 2 December 2020

A meditation and mindfulness app for modern life that aims to bring more calm to your busy day. 

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Meditations are designed to fit into busy lifestyles and are tailored to a range of everyday activities including waking up, travelling, eating, and waiting around. There are also tracks to help with stress and difficult emotions. 

You can use the "Wheel Switcher" tool to find pre-selected meditation lists for your mood, such as: Sleep Issues, Working Hard, and Social Animal. 

For kids, there is also a wheel which has sixty meditations that you can listen to with your children.

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  • No hidden charges
  • Sample meditations can be found on SoundCloud
  • Easy to use on the go, with meditations ranging from 2 to 30 minutes


  • £4.99 for iOS; £1.99 for android
  • Your favourite tracks cannot be saved or added to a personal playlist

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