Young people

Feeling anxious or stressed? Struggling to sleep? As you grow up, you experience physical changes and various pressures, such as exams and bullying, that might have an impact on your mental health.

In recent months, you might have found the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic particularly challenging – a recent survey revealed that at least a third of children and young people reported an increase in stress, loneliness, worry and other issues due to COVID-19.

The Good Thinking service can help you to manage your mental health. You’ll find expert advice and a series of podcast interviews with representatives of the NHS, charities, businesses and other organisations. You can also read blogs written by young people.

This new section of Good Thinking is a work in progress and we will add more content for children and young people as soon as it is available. We welcome your feedback, of course.

Over the next few months, we'll be developing a series of short guides to help you manage your mental health. We've kicked off by looking at issues such as bullying, eating disorders and sex and relationships. Watch this space for advice on other topics that matter to you and other people your age.

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